• European Design
  • Reverse Cycle Heat Mode
  • 180 Degree Auto Swing
  • Optimised Exhaust Airflow Channel
  • Adjustable Window Kit
  • Sleep Mode
  • Timer On/Off
  • Washable Filter
  • No Bucket Design
  • Omni-directional Castor
  • Two (2) years warranty (Commercial applications are on return to base for repair basis)
  • SSS Warranty Service System


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Reverse Cycle / MPPD12HRN1

COOLING [kw]: 3.5  |  HEATING [kw]: 2.9  |  WIDTH [mm]: 466  |  DEPTH [mm]: 397  |  HEIGHT [mm]: 765

Sleep Mode

This function enables the air conditioner to automatically increase (in cooling mode) or decrease (in heating mode) 1°C per hour for the first two hours, then hold steady for the next five hours. After that it will switch off the unit. This maintains comfort during the night as well as saving energy.


SSS Warranty Service System

The SSS system is a designated help line (1300 726 002) which saves you having to organise servicing through the original reseller or find an appointed service repairer. The help line takes your purchase details and establishes the problem, then contacts an appointed service centre and arranges for the work to be done.


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Model Number MPPD12HRN1
Power Supply 1Ph, 220-240V, 50Hz
Cooling Capacity 3.5 kW
Cooling Input 1350 W
Cooling Rated Current 5.9 A
Cooling EER 2.6 w/w
Heating Capacity 2.9 kW
Heating Input 1130 W
Heating Rated Current 5 A
Heating EER 2.6 w/w
Moisture Removal 1.2 L/Hr
Max Input Consumption 1600 W
Max Current 8 A
Starting Current 21 A
Plug Type 10A/SAA
Control Type Remote Control
Compressor Type Rotary
Refrigerant Type R410A/550g
Indoor Air Flow (Hi/Mi/Lo) 102 / 89 / 78 L/sec
Indoor Sound Pressure (Hi/Mi/Lo) 52 / 48 / 45 dB(A)
Dimension (WxDxH) 466 x 397 x 765 mm
Packing (WxDxH) 515 x 443 x 880 mm
Weight (Net/Gross) 34 / 37.5 kg
Ambient Temp(Cooling/Heating) 17~35/5~30 °C