Review: MIDEA 522L Fridge With Water Dispenser (HC-683WEN)

MIDEA is one of the reputable manufacturers of home appliances in the industry. The company is best known for its huge collection of refrigerators, amongst other appliances. Over the years, MIDEA has released a number of refrigerator models to the market. One of the popular models is the MIDEA 522L fridge with a water dispenser (HC-683WEN model).

There are several features that make the MIDEA HC-683WEN model stand out from most of the available fridges in the markets. In this review, we are going to look at some of the features that make this model of MIDEA fridges stand out.

Main Features of MIDEA 522L Fridge (HC-683WEN)

Water Filtration System (built-in water dispenser)

Midea 522L Fridge With Water Dispenser

One of the main features that make the MIDEA HC-683WEN model popular is its built-in water filtration system. That is the reason why it has a built-in water dispenser. The fridge comes with a fridge water filter that is supplied water by your plumbing system. Use this guide about refrigerator water filters in order to know when to replace your fridge water filter to maintain the quality of drinking water. The fridge provides cool and quality drinking water by removing pollutants in it, but only when your water filter is replaced regularly. The refrigerator water filter helps to remove solid particles, chemicals like lead and arsenic, and microorganisms in the water that can cause diseases.

Large capacity: Fridge and Freezer Compartment

The MIDEA HC-683WEN model has a net capacity of 522L, which enables it to preserve more foods, among other things. That makes it perfect for a large family. If you want to preserve foods, including groceries that will take you a whole week or even a longer time, then this MIDEA 522L fridge with a water dispenser with a dispenser would be a perfect choice.

The fridge compartment has four glass shelves where you can place all the kinds of foods that you want to preserve. There are two fruits and vegetable drawers and five racks on the door to put more food. In addition, it has a spacious freezer compartment. With two freezers, three glass shelves, and five racks on the door; the freezer is spacious enough to handle enough food for a larger family.

Electronic Control & High-Temperature Alarm Mode

As one of the latest models, the MIDEA HC-683WEN model has most of the functions electronically controlled. From adjusting the temperature to other functions, they are all electronically controlled. The exciting thing about this feature is the LED display on the fridge, which allows for easy settings. The temperature in the freezer must be maintained to a certain where the safety of the food preserved is guaranteed. That is why MIDEA has designed this model with a ‘high-temperature alarm mode.’ These settings enable the fridge to alert you whenever the freezer temperature gets too high to be a problem.

Multiple Air Flow Design & Child Lock Mode Features

Large Capacity of Midea 522L Fridge

The flow of air in the fridge is crucial for the lifespan of the food and drinks preserved in the fridge. To maintain an ideal temperature, MIDEA Company has come up with a multi-air flow design. The design helps to maintain an ideal temperature throughout hence improve the lifespan of the food. It also eliminates the problem of odours to different sections of the machine. The company has ensured that your kids are safe by installing the ‘child lock mode’ in this model. The feature helps to take control of the refrigerator by locking it to limit kid’s access.

Durability: Stainless Steel Material

When it comes to longevity, the MIDEA HC-683WEN model offers one of the best durability features. The body of this model is made from stainless steel material. One of the properties of stainless steel metal is high resistance to corrosion, and thus, it is not affected by rust. So, this fridge will last for a very long time. Therefore, value for money with the MIDEA HC-683WEN model is a guarantee.

Warranty & Efficiency

The HC-683WEN model is one of the most energy-efficient models in the market today. With an A++ energy class or rating, this is definitely one of the most efficient refrigerators on the market. MIDEA HC-683WEN comes with one of the best warranties in the industry. The company is offering a 10-year warranty for the compressor.

No Frost Technology

For the longest time, frost has been one of the biggest problems with fridge users. You had to remove the frost manually from time to time to create space in your freezer. But with the no frosting technology, you no longer need to defrost manually. The fridge does not create frost in the freezer, and that’s something that everyone would be looking for. So, once you start using the machine, the hardest thing you can do is wiping off dirt from time to time. That makes this model user-friendlier.

Pros & Cons of MIDEA HC-683WEN


· Energy-efficient. The HC-683WEN MIDEA model is am A++ energy class, which means that it is one of the most energy-efficient fridges. So it will cost you less in energy bills for a refrigerator of its size.

· Improved safety. The ‘child lock mode’ ensures that your kids are safe from any danger. The mode helps to keep the fridge locked.

· Large Storage. The HC-683WEN MIDEA model has a net capacity of 522L. It offers large storage both for the fridge and freeze. With such capacity, you have enough space to preserve food for a large family.

· Water dispenser. The fridge will ensure a supply of quality drinking.

· Warranty. The 10-year warranty for the compressor is incredibly great.


Water Dispenser

· Requires a Larger space. Because of its size, you will need a larger space in your kitchen to accommodate it.


Even with its incredible features, the fridge is selling at a pocket-friendly price for a fridge of this size, with useful features such as a water dispenser.


If you are planning to buy a new fridge, look for a type that will give you value for money. That is what MIDEA 522L fridge with water dispenser (HC-683WEN model) is providing. The MIDEA HC-683WEN model will not only keep your food fresh but will also provide cool and quality drinking water. It is definitely the kind of fridge that will give you value for money.

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