The 8 Most Effective Ways To Conserve Air Conditioning Machines

The moment you have added an air conditioner to the list of your household appliance, your electricity bills will shoot up significantly. What most people may not know is that there are ways through which they can reduce the amount of energy used by their air cons.

Although the reduction may not have a huge impact on the bills in the short term, long-term gains are immense. But how can you conserve air conditioning machines? Well, we have compiled key tips and tricks that can help you save in your AC energy bills:

Here are 8 right ways to conserve air conditioning machines:

1.     Choose Inverter Air conditioner Model

One of the best ways to conserve air conditioning machines is investing in a good inverter air conditioner. This is a type of air conditioner designed with an inverter system that helps to regulate the amount of energy the AC use depending on the indoor temperatures. When you switch on an inverter type air conditioner, it will run at a very high speed to cool the room quickly. But as the room approaches the set temperature, the machine will slow down. Therefore, whenever the room is within the set temperature, the compressor uses very little energy as the speed is reduced. That is how investing in inverter air conditions helps to reduce your energy bills.

2.     Turn Down Temperature At Night

Whether it is during the hot summer season, the night air is naturally cooler. Therefore, you won’t need to have the air in the house cooled by an AC unit. You could save a lot of energy if you keep the AC lower at night. With that, you will significantly reduce the amount of energy consumed by the machine. Improved air conditioners have made it easy for you. They come with ‘sleep mode’ that lowers the output of the machine hence reducing the overall energy consumption. You can as well turn off the machine entirely during the night. These measures will save you a lot of money on your monthly electricity bills.

temperature drops at night

3.     Thermostat And Timers

You can make things easy by introducing thermostats and timers in your air con system. These are improved devices that can help you get the most out of your air conditioner at minimal energy. With a thermostat, you can set your AC at a comfortable temperature where the load is small. The idea is to reduce the load on the machine and make it work less hard. For instance, you can have the indoor temperature set at 24 to 25 degrees Celsius during summer. Once it hit the set temperature, the machine will go into a sleep mode.

Timers will help you set your AC’s hours of operation. You probably set the machine to operate 12 hours a day (between 7 am to 7 pm). That simply means that the machine will be off all nights. Once you have put thermostat and timer settings, you will be able to conserve air conditioning machine.

4.     Turn Off Heat Emitting Appliance

If you have kitchen ovens, computers, lamps, and other appliances, turn them off. These appliances increase the temperature in the room hence making the AC work harder. Therefore, you must turn them off during the hot days, especially when not in use. For the kitchen ovens, you should try cooking outside- its super cool during summer. With that, you will have reduced your air conditioner machine load hence reducing energy consumption. That is how you keep energy consumption and air con bill down.

5.     Use Portable Units

portable air conditioning unit

If you are not planning to air condition the entire house, then you don’t need to invest in the large units. A portable or window unit will be perfect for you. These are small units that consume a small amount of energy. These units cool single rooms and are installed at the window. Therefore, you can have one for every room and turn them on when you want to cool the room. Unlike the large units, you can easily control the space that you wish to cool with these units. You don’t have to waste money cooling rooms that are not occupied or do not need cooling. You can also move around with these units. During the day, move with it to the living room and take it back to the bedroom while going to sleep.

6.     Control Humidity

Controlling the level of humidity in your house is another way to conserve air conditioning machines. Do you not that it is difficult to cool humid air compared to dry air? Well, that is true. You will spend more on energy if you are cooling humid air. But how do you ensure that the condition in your house is less humid? Well, you need to check key areas. One of the areas that increase humidity in your house is the bathroom, especially when taking a shower.  By just installing a bathroom exhaust fan, you will be able to get rid of excess humidity while taking a shower.

7.     Only Use The AC When Needed

One of the mistakes the people make is allowing their AC unit to run even when it is not necessary. For instance, if you are going out, why should you leave the unit on? The trick is to use the unit when you are in the house. Turn off the machine or leave it in a ‘sleep mode’ until when you come back. That is how you save energy that would have gone to waste.

8.     Service The Machine

You might have done everything right, but if the air conditioning unit is poorly serviced, then you will still have problems with high electrical bills. Maintain the unit as recommended by the manufacturer or an HVAC specialist depending on the prevailing conditions. Have the filters checked for dirt and clogs regularly. Check the condition of the coils and the fan to ensure the machine’s efficiency is improved. Proper servicing improves AC efficiency hence reducing energy consumption.

These are the 8 most effective ways to conserve air conditioning machines. However, we recommended that you seek the services of an HVAC specialist to help you select the most effective energy-saving method for you.

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