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My idea of home!


Midea – My idea of home!

For over 30 years Midea has been making and supplying air conditioning and household white goods and appliances to a global market. Midea started by producing air conditioning and quickly built their global reputation in the years following becoming one of China’s largest manufacturers. Today Midea produce more air conditioning globally than almost any other manufacturer – 30% of all the air conditioners in the world come out of Midea’s international manufacturing plants destined for over 150 countries. Midea is at the forefront of exciting new developments in both the use of alternative refrigerant gases such as R32 and also in the field of Solar Powered Inverter Air Conditioning, utilising the latest brushless DC motor technologies essential for solar efficiency.

Midea is also a big name in household appliances, manufacturing refrigerators and freezers, washing machines, dryers and a full range of kitchen large and small cooking and household appliances for Australian homes.

Midea’s impressive headquarters is in Guangdong Province, China. There are five other major manufacturing plants around China with another six around the world, producing a thousand different products at a rate of nearly one hundred thousand a day.

It all adds up to a major international operation, with a 2014 global turn-over of US$23 billion, engaging over 126,000 employees in high- tech research, development and production in China and across the globe.

Castel Electronics is proud to supply Midea’s extensive range of air conditioning systems comprising inverter and fixed speed split systems, window, portable, ducted, multi-head splits and commercial systems throughout Australia. We also supply Midea’s quality kitchen and laundry home appliances including refrigerators, freezers, front and top load washing machines, dryers, portable fans and dehumidifiers via our large retail and commercial network of stockists throughout Australia backed up by a comprehensive installation and appliance servicing network and local customer care.

So whether it’s a new installation or upgrade of your major home appliances or air conditioning, make Midea your idea of home!


Midea Headquarters, Guangdong Province, China